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Authorized Federal Supply Schedule Price List

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Schedule Title: Training Aids, Devices & Instructor Lead Training

FSC Group: 69

Special Item Numbers: 27-100, 27-200, 27-300, 27-400, 27-500

FSC Classes: 6910 and 6930

Contract Number: GS-02F-0041R

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Contract Period: December 7th, 2004 to December 7th, 2009

Contractor's Name: Training For Life, Inc.

Contractor's Address: 40 Exchange Place, Suite 302, New York, NY 10005

Contractor's Phone Number: 877-876-4543

Contractor's Fax Number: 877-876-4543

Contractor’s Website: www.training4life.org

Business Size & Certifications: Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business

Contract # GS-02F-0041R
Federal Supply Schedule Price List

1a. Please see attached table of awarded special item number(s) with appropriate crossreference to item descriptions and awarded price(s).
1b. The lowest priced model number and lowest unit price for that model for each special item number awarded in the contract. This price is the Government price based on a unit of one, exclusive of any quantity/dollar volume, prompt payment, or any other concession affecting price:
SIN # 27-100 Training Aids & Devices Airway Locking Clamp $2.00
SIN # 27-200 Prepared Printed Instructional Materials Pediatric Mod. HS FA w/ CPR & AED $8.00
SIN # 27-300 Prepared Audio & Visual Instructional
Materials, Multi-Media Program Kits
CPR for Family & Friends Video $13.00
SIN # 27-400 Instructor Lead Instruction NYC Site Safety Manager 7 Hour
Refresher (6 to 10 students)
SIN # 27-500 Course Development/Administration
(Per Man Hour)
1c.   Hourly Rates: Not Applicable
2. Maximum Order: $1,000,000.00
3. Minimum Order: $100.00
4. Geographic Coverage: 50 United States, Puerto Rico, Washington, DC, and All Other US Territories
5. Point(s) of Production: New York
6. Discount from list prices or statement of net price: Prices shown herein are net. (Discount deducted.)
7. Quantity Discounts: For items in SIN 27-100 purchased in qty. of 10 or more, are eligible for additional 2.5% off of the GSA price.
8. Prompt Payment Terms: Net 30 Days
9a.   Government Purchase Cards are accepted
at or below the micro-purchase threshold.
9b.   Government purchase cards are accepted
above the micro-purchase threshold.
10.   Foreign Items: Not Applicable
11a.     Time of Delivery:        30-45 Days depending upon item
11b.   All items listed are available for expedited delivery, i.e. within 5 days of formal request.
11c.   Overnight and 2day delivery are available on Special Item Number 27-400 Instructor Lead Training Only. The schedule customer may contact Training For Life, Inc. for rates for overnight and 2day delivery.
11d. Urgent Requirements. When the Federal Supply Schedule contract delivery period does not meet the bona fide urgent delivery requirements of an ordering agency, agencies are encouraged, if time permits, to contact the Contractor for the purpose of obtaining accelerated delivery. The Contractor shall reply to the inquiry within 3 workdays after receipt. (Telephonic replies shall be confirmed by the Contractor in writing.) If the Contractor offers an accelerated delivery time acceptable to the ordering agency, any order(s) placed pursuant to the agreed upon accelerated delivery time frame shall be delivered within this shorter delivery time and in accordance with all other terms and conditions of the contract.
12. F.O.B. point(s): Destination
13a. Ordering address: 40 Exchange Place, Suite 302, New York, NY 10005
13b. For supplies and services, the ordering procedures, information on Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPA’s), and a sample BPA can be found at the GSA/FSS Schedule homepage.
14. Payment Address: 40 Exchange Place, Suite 302, New York, NY 10005
15. Warranty provision: As Per Manufacturer, as Applicable
16. Export Packing Charges: Not Applicable
17. Terms and Conditions of Government Purchase Card Acceptance: Same as stated in 9a and 9b.
18. Terms and Conditions of Rental, Maintenance, and Repair: Not Applicable
19. Terms and Conditions of Installation: Not Applicable
20a. Terms and Conditions of Repair Parts: Not Applicable
20b. Terms and Conditions for any Other Services: Not Applicable
21. List of Service and Distribution Points: Not Applicable
22. List of Participating Dealers: Not Applicable
23. Preventive Maintenance: Not Applicable
24a. Special Attributes Such as Environmental Attributes: Not Applicable
24b. Section 508 Compliance Information: Not Applicable
25. Data Universal Number System (DUNS) Number: 143331648
26. Training For Life, Inc. is Registered in the Central Contractor Registration (CCR) Database

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