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About our Logo...
"Us, trapped in the middle of our perception of the truth; the three dimensional, mathematical, gravitous world and the inexorably forward moving force of time."


  • This can be viewed as an individual or as a race, all with the same origin and ending. Micro/Macro.

    Our Perception of the Truth

  • Represented by the Tai Chi, (Yin Yang) an ancient symbol with many meanings, here it is seen as the complete Truth manifest as a balance of all things. As in, different points of view of any given situation. We must understand that our Truth is not necessarily “the” Truth, only our subjective perception of any given event based on our own life's experiences; commonly refereed to as "filters" in classical psychology. Appreciating and understanding the motivations and perceptions of others' yields the power of understanding; be it with a man or woman in which you hope to inspire loyalty, a loved one to whom you wish to bring joy, or an adversary you intend to overcome.

    Three Dimensional, Mathematical, Gravitous World

  • Represented by the Pi symbol, everything on this Earth and in this universe obey mathematical laws, such as gravity; we cannot fly. As living creatures, we are required to perform certain acts in order to maintain our life force individually, i.e. eat, drink, and sleep. As a race, we must procreate in order to survive. We cannot exist for long outside of certain temperature parameters. We must continue breathing in order to oxygenate the quantity of blood in the body. It is all quite mathematical.

    Inexorably Forward Moving Force of Time

  • The saying "Time and tide wait for no man" speaks to time's unstoppable momentum and its indifference to the troubles of its observers. Also, its force is seen in times ability to motivate, be it an alarm clock, a birthday or anniversary, or one's own internal drive to achieve goals.


  • The logo speaks of our position in between these realities and our need to seek balance and understanding in order to achieve the desired yield of any given situation.
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